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30 May 2022
The Advantages of a Custom Made Snoring Appliance

What are the advantages of a custom-made snoring appliance? It’s not just about comfort and convenience; it’s about getting help with an issue that can have detrimental effects on your health, your relationships, and your day-to-day life. Many people who have tried a snoring device have reported significant improvements in their ability to sleep through […]

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31 March 2022
How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

There are many different myths, methods and notions about when, where, why and how should get your teeth cleaned. As dental hygienists in Calgary, downtown, we recommend that you should get professional teeth cleanings a minimum of once every 6 months. The ideal frequency of how often to get professional dental cleanings can vary greatly from one patient to another. For some dental patients, they […]

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18 January 2022
How long do white fillings last?

The idea of getting a cavity fills many people with dread. Dental fear leads many to avoid seeing their downtown Calgary dentist in the first place. We get it—having dental work done is not everyone’s idea of a great day. However, getting the work done right away will save a lot of heartaches (and toothaches) […]

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15 December 2021
Benefits of dental cleanings by a dental hygienist in Calgary downtown

Regular dental cleanings are one of the best ways to ensure a happy, healthy life. Teeth cleanings are essential to maintaining a healthy mouth and body. This necessary part of oral hygiene involves eliminating plaque build up on your teeth. Book in for a Calgary Dental Cleaning with the team at Dentalife. This practice prevents gingivitis, […]

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16 August 2021
What Is The Main Cause of TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects your mandible (lower jaw) to your skull. The joint can be found on both sides of your head in front of your ears and it allows your jaw to open and close, enabling you to speak and eat. When you experience TMJ pain symptoms like migraines,

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10 July 2021
What are dental crowns & bridges?

Your teeth are a sensitive part of your body. Corrective treatments such as our tooth repair treatments are needed when you experience serious issues with your teeth. Restorative and cosmetic dental treatments that are designed to be safe and comfortable. A crown is a sheath that covers your existing tooth. The crown can restore the […]

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8 June 2021
Do you have bad breath even after brushing?

Bad breath can be a sign of poor oral health. It can result from: poor dental health habits smoking or chewing tobacco food gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontal disease tooth decay or dental abscess

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17 May 2021
What are the options for missing or broken teeth?

It happens often. You are liking the way your teeth are working and then a tooth cracks and breaks. What is wrong? What should you do? How important is a broken tooth anyway? Is your tongue ever going to quit playing with the fracture? Missing or broken teeth may cause more problems than just embarrassment […]

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17 May 2021
Why dental implants?

Nothing is as good as the teeth you were born with, but dental implants are a close alternative for when you lose one or more teeth. You may need dental implants if you lose tooth stability, have unhealthy roots, or lose supporting jaw bone around teeth. A dental implant is an artificial root (with an […]

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9 May 2021
Treating Bleeding Gums, Gum Disease, or Gingivitis

Do you suffer from swollen or bleeding gums? Do you fear that you’re suffering from gum disease? If you have ever had a toothache or sore mouth, you likely understand how important good oral health is. If your gums bleed when flossing or brushing, your oral health may not be as good as it could […]

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