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How good are today's dentures?

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Dentures have greatly improved through modern technology. Specifically digital imaging has enabled highly accurate impressions to improve a better support, and a more comfortable fit.

Dentures have also improved from an aesthetic point of view. Back in the day, you could identify a Denture Smile from a mile away. Today’s quality dentures look real, and more appealing.

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What are the most frequently asked questions about dentures in Calgary ?

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By Dentist Calgary Downtown, Dr. Westersund at Dentalife.


Need dentures

  • “I am loosing my teeth; what are my options?”
  • “I need to know my insurance will pay for dentures?”
  • “Money is tight right now. Do I have a say in what kind of treatment is going to be done?”
  • “I heard that implant supported dentures are expensive. Can you provide more information?”


Need new dentures

  • “How long will it take to get new dentures?”
  • “Is there a guarantee this new denture will be more firm than my present denture?”
  • “How long is it to get implant supported dentures?”
  • “Is a new denture going to make me look better?”
  • “I just bought a denture and it is still loose. Will this one be better?” 
  • “Do I need a implant specialist?”
  • “I heard that implant supported dentures are expensive. Can you provide more information?”
  • “Implant supported dentures sound painful. What kind of is surgery needed?”
  • “Will I still have to take out the new denture? Or does it stay in my mouth?.” (NOTE: that depends on the type of implant supported appliance.)
  • “My mom/dad had dentures all their lives and did not need implant dentures. How did they do it?”


Dr. Curtis Westersund, providing dentures and implant supported dentures in Calgary Downtown:

Make an appointment with Dr. Westersund to define the right dentures solution for you. We’ll listen. We’ll help. We’ll get it right.


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Quality dentures make a difference

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Chewing on your old dentures will not make them better

  • End your dentures embarrassment
  • Avoid more damage to your gums
  • Stop the eating and speaking hassle
  • Change your “old dentures” look
  • Don’t wait when you need help

Better dentures – better life

  • Get back to the smiling, confident – You
  • Explore your options with Dental Financing
  • Find clarity about Implant Supported Dentures
  • Re-Discover proper eating and speaking
  • Enjoy a better life with better dentures