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Do you find yourself waking up multiple times throughout the night—jolted awake by your own snoring?  If you are a snorer, don’t overlook it as a simple inconvenience.

Snoring can be associated with a serious, and potentially fatal condition known as sleep apnea or Upper Airway Restrictive Syndrome (UARS). Oral appliances also known as dental sleep appliances can help you stop snoring and treat your sleep apnea.

Learn how custom-fitted dental sleep appliances work and how to obtain one.

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How dental sleep appliances work

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Breathe better

To help you breathe better while you sleep, we can design an oral appliance to put over your teeth to help keep your airways open during the night. It helps to generate more space in the back of your throat.


No obstructions

This new-found space in the back of your throat helps to reduce the collapsing and obstruction of your throat tissue. This is what causes snoring, reduced airflow and sleep apnea.


Comfortable and effective

The appliance is designed with an adjustable lower jaw advancement which enhances the effectiveness and can make the dental sleep appliance more effective and comfortable.



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Custom snoring devices in calgary

Custom-Built For You

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Home sleep test

A sleep test is needed to make any diagnosis of sleep disturbance issues. Fortunately, one option is a home sleep test or HST. An HST allows you to be sleep tested in the comfort and convenience of your own home, tucked into your own bed.


Digital impressions

Digital dental impressions give you a custom fitted sleep appliance at the position that treats your sleep apnea.


Sleep appliance delivery

Your snoring device or sleep appliance is fitted and instructions for its use is given. Then it is off for many great night sleeps.

After getting comfortable with your appliance, we will test your sleep to make sure you are no longer suffering from sleep disturbance problems. This will be 3 months after the delivery of your appliance


Rest better knowing that you’re snoring is not shaking the house

Don’t delay snoring or sleep apnea treatment.

Anyone who thinks they might have sleep apnea or are excessive to stop snoring in Calgary, he should contact our downtown Calgary clinic for a consultation and a home sleep test. You may also start with a Sleep Disorder Test and we will reply to you with our recommendations.