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Should I get white fillings?

The idea of getting a cavity fills many people with dread. Dental fear leads many to avoid seeing their dentist in the first place.

We get it—having dental work done is not everyone’s idea of a great day. However, getting the work done right away will save a lot of heartaches (and toothaches) in the long run.

Making the Mouth, Body, Life Connection: What you need to know about cavities and filling options

Some people are able to recognize when they have a cavity—they experience sensitivity to sweet foods, they feel a gap in a tooth, or they see a stain on a tooth. But many people never know a cavity is lurking under the surface of a tooth, or has come back to sit around an old filling.

Cavities do not cause pain till they are so big that they affect the live part of the tooth called the pulp tissue in the middle of the tooth. By then, it is too late to just do a filling. 

Anticipating this discomfort can be emotionally stressful. Worrying about the dental procedure and cost can also be disheartening.

This is just one reason why we encourage patients to have regular dental check-ups to find cavities when they are small. 

Filling options

Thankfully, there are options. These include white and gold fillings.

  • White fillings made from a composite plastic.
  • White porcelain restorations made at a dental laboratory then bonded into the tooth
  • A gold fillings made at a dental laboratory and then cemented into the tooth. 

Today, many people are also choosing plastic and porcelain restorations to restore their teeth. By replacing your mercury fillings with plastic or porcelain restorations, we try to restore your tooth’s natural strength, and the natural colour of your teeth at the same time.

No filling material is perfect, so be sure to ask about the difference between your restorative choices.


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Porcelain white fillings vs. plastic white fillings


  • Tooth coloured
  • Bonded to teeth
  • Up to 75 percent of tooth’s strength
  • More porous and possibly weaker than your own tooth
  • Shorter term longevity in some cases of excessive wear



  • Tooth coloured
  • Bonded to teeth
  • Newer porcelain materials can be stronger than actual tooth enamel
  • Very dense and non-porous
  • Often a longer term option in larger restorative situations


Choose mercury free

We understand that hearing that you have decay and need a filling can be annoying and even heartbreaking. We encourage you to visit us right away to prevent further damage. Whether you suspect that you need a filling or want to prevent future fillings, we can help.

Are you looking for a dentist who will take the time to listen to your cares and concerns? We are happy to answer whatever dental questions you have. Please call us at 403 262-9898 today or book an appointment with your direct billing dentist office, today.

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