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Dentist Calgary downtown, Dr. Curtis Westersund treats his patients with a physiological or whole body approach. According to Dr. Westersund, oral health is connected to your overall health. The condition of your teeth, bite, and gums can have an affect on your internal organs, posture, and well-being. This explains why our core message is Making the Mouth, Body, Life Connection.

At his Calgary downtown dental clinic, Dr Westersund provides a case-specific approach to help patients find relief from dental issues, imbalances, and pain while applying a comfort first approach. Besides general and cosmetic dental treatments, he provides TMJ disorder solutions for migraines, jaw, neck, ear and sinus pain, and snoring appliances & sleep apnea treatment. We are accepting new patients.

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Here at Dentalife, many of our patients have come to us first with dental phobia symptoms. Their main concerns are: How long will dental treatment take? Will the procedure hurt? What is the cost of my treatment? No problem. We will happily answer all your questions and Dr. Westersund will provide you with any details you require during your dental treatment.

Schedule an appointment today with Calgary Downtown dentist Dr. Westersund. Discover what Making the Mouth, Body, Life, Connection is all about and what benefits your dental and overall heath can bring to you. We are accepting new patients. Dental financing is also available through Dentalcard.

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