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Dentist Calgary Downtown, Dr. Curtis Westersund: Whole body dentistry can improve the quality of your life

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When you visit your dentist in downtown Calgary, the focus is usually on your oral health. While it might seem logical that a dentist takes care of your teeth only, we have to realize that our whole body is connected to our mouth. As a consequence, your oral health has a direct impact on your overall health.

We are all one interconnected being. One missing tooth or a misaligned bite might trigger a multitude of negative effects like jaw pain, ear pain, neck pain, migraines, tension headaches, or posture issues. Please realize that dental strain is not free. There is always a cost to the body.

Which is exactly the reason why our dental clinic Calgary Downtown is not just looking after your teeth. We're looking at the the bigger picture as well with a Holistic Physiological Approach. Please realize that your Dentalife can have a huge impact on your Daily life.

Dentist Calgary Downtown
Dr. Curtis Westersund

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At Dentalife, we believe that today's dentistry should be clear, effective, and healthy.


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Our dental clinic downtown Calgary is all about healthy teeth, healthy body, and a healthy life. Pretty important!

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By Dentist Downtown Calgary, Dr. Westersund at Dentalife.

GENERAL DENTISTRY - Dentistry choices have consequences. We may not feel the loss of a tooth immediately, but it can have a long lasting effect to how we function as a whole person. So be true to your teeth or they may be false to you. Make a regular check-up and cleaning part of your annual routine at our dental clinic downtown Calgary. You will never regret the positive outcomes of that decision.

COSMETIC DENTAL TREATMENT - Teeth are just not for eating. Teeth say a lot about you. How friendly you are, how healthy you are, even how smart you are. Your smile gets judged by those around you daily. A better smile may change your image and interactions with all the people around you. Fortunately, cosmetic dental treatments has become more accessible for everyone over the last decade. Take advantage of the possibilities at our dental office Calgary Downtown.

TMJ PAIN CARE - TMJ dysfunction is a broad, multi-factorial problem that may affect all of your body’s function. A TMJ disorder can cause excruciating pain in many areas of your upper body, head, and neck. Proper assessment and diagnosis at our dental office downtown Calgary is key to determining a solution to get rid of your TMJ pain symptoms.

SLEEP APNEA APPLIANCES - Sleep disturbance can rob you of a healthy life. Sleep disturbances affect not only sleep, it may affect your work, your health, and your relationships. Many do not even know they have a problem until they are tested. Simple things like snoring can be a sign of a more major problem with your health. Home sleep testing equipment at our dental office Calgary downtown can arrange the appropriate care needed for you.

DENTURES & IMPLANT SUPPORTED DENTURES - When the replacement of teeth is needed, you want regain the smile, support, and function as your own teeth once did. As your face changes over time, dentures should still offer support to the appearance and function of your mouth. Balanced and supported dentures at our dental clinic Calgary downtown offer options for both new denture wears, and those who have had dentures for a long time. 

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What exactly is a physiological approach to dentistry?

  • End confusion and complexity
  • Avoid putting toxic chemicals into your body
  • Stop symptom treatment, always find the cause
  • Forget about one size fits all dentistry
  • Don't wait when you need help
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Are you ready for whole body dentistry?

  • Take control over what goes into your body
  • Achieve the oral health you've always wanted
  • Find clarity about our whole body approach
  • Discover what health focused actually means
  • Look better, feel better, live better!
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Dentist Calgary Downtown
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