How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

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There are many different myths, methods and notions about when, where, why and how should get your teeth cleaned.

As dental hygienists in Calgary, downtown, we recommend that you should get professional teeth cleanings a minimum of once every 6 months.

The ideal frequency of how often to get professional dental cleanings can vary greatly from one patient to anotherFor some dental patients, they need to see their dental hygienist in Calgary, downtown, once every 3 months. For others, once every 6 months is the sweet spot.

Your dental history plays a significant factor in determining how often you should get teeth cleanings in Calgary, downtown. 

Dental patients who have experienced gum disease or periodontitis often need to come in more often than those who have not.

When it comes to teeth cleanings, consider:

Pre-existing conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis can also contribute to the optimal amount of teeth cleanings you will need for great oral health and hygiene.

Seeing your dental hygienist in Calgary, downtown, is extremely valuable to keeping your teeth is fantastic condition.

During your teeth cleaning appointments, you will learn about existing or potential dental health issues that you may be at risk of. And how you can either treat or prevent them from becoming worse — and more expensive to correct.

Your dental hygienist will also let you know what you’re doing awesome at in keeping your smile healthy, happy and beautiful!

Practice preventative dentistry:

Getting professional teeth cleanings in Calgary, downtown, is also a great opportunity to learn about the latest tools, skills and habits that can help supplement your oral hygiene routine at home.

Practicing the most up-to-date preventative dentistry techniques is key to potentially saving on complex dental treatments down the road.

At our dental office in Calgary, downtown, we believe everyone should be able to receive dental treatments affordably. We offer payment plans to help make dentistry more readily accessible, so you can enjoy greater, whole-body health sooner rather than later.

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