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Family Dentistry

Family Dentist in Downtown Calgary

How to choose the family dentist I need?

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Finding the right family dentist for you can be stressful.

  • What if my new dentist is not as gentle as I would like?
  • Will the staff be friendly and helpful?
  • What about the Alberta Dental Fee Guide?


So how to go about all that? We recommend doing the following:

  • Make a dental services “wish-list”
  • Check if the opening hours work for you
  • Read some reviews about this dental clinic
  • Connect online and have a chat first, or
  • Drop by for just a Meet & Greet to get a sense of the dental practice’s ambience


What we hear a lot …

  • “I have missed several dental appointments but want to catch up now.”
  • “I have neglected my teeth for so long and I’m embarrassed. But I don’t want a lecture about my waiting so long.”
  • “I have not had insurance since I lost my job and dentistry is expensive!”
  • “I need dental treatment, but I want a say in what will be done.”
  • “I need to know if my insurance will pay for this.”


Rest assured, we understand all your concerns and considerations. We think that it’s a positive thing to mention those in advance, not after the facts. Talking about your dental issues is the first step towards finding dental solutions. We actually appreciate it when you’re straight-forward with your personal requirements. We get that everyone has their own preference, timeline, and budget, so let’s put it all on the table and figure out what’s possible. Sound fair?

At Dentalife we believe that family dentistry should be clear, effective, and affordable. So we provide:

  • Thorough dental exams that show exactly what your dental issues are
  • Comprehensive treatment plans that show clarity
  • Results to maintain your oral health, and overall health

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Enjoy family dentistry focused on oral health and overall health

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By Family Dentist Calgary Downtown, Dr. Westersund at Dentalife.

Dentistry choices have consequences. We may not feel the loss of a tooth immediately, but it can have a long lasting effect to how we function as a whole person. So be true to your teeth or they may be false to you. Make a regular check-up and cleaning part of your annual routine. You will never regret the positive outcomes of that decision.

Teeth are not just for smiling and eating. Neglecting your teeth will affect your whole body health. Maybe in tiny little ways at first but overtime, there may be greater and longer term effects to your health and well being. Please remember, when you ignore tooth loss now, it can mean a larger expense in the future. “Be true to your teeth or they may be ‘false’ to you.”

Instead, find out how modern dentistry can help you. Have peace of mind about your health that proper dental care can provide, and discover answers to questions you have pondered about whole body dental care. Avoid unnecessary future dental expenses, and be true to your teeth.

A great smile is a powerful expression!


The Alberta Dental Association & College does not allow dentists to display any patient-reviews directly on their website.

Please find us by Googling: ‘Dentalife Patient Reviews’

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Stop neglecting your oral health

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  • End postponing dental appointments
  • Avoid embarrassment or dentist lectures
  • Stop doing what you don’t want to do
  • Forget about insurance confusion
  • Don’t wait when you need help

Discover Dentalife

  • Make dental appointments with confidence
  • Experience acceptance, discretion, and respect
  • Find clarity about our whole body approach
  • Have absolute clarity about dental insurance
  • Look better, feel better, live better!