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CPAP Machine Alternative: Dental Sleep Appliances

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Is this you?

If you’re one of the many Calgarians who suffer from sleep apnea or sleep disturbance issues, you know that going on with your daily life can be tiring and frustrating. If you’ve looked into finding relief, you’ve probably heard about Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines. CPAPs have improved greatly over the years and are not as bulky or inconvenient. Yet some sleep apnea patients do not like using the CPAP.

Whether your sleep apnea is rated as mild to moderate or even severe, Dental Sleep Apnea Treatment in Calgary can be very effective for you. you may benefit from a Dental Sleep Appliance. Unlike a CPAP machine, a dental sleep appliance is designed to keep your lower jaw positioned so to optimally ensure your airway remains open.


How do dental sleep appliances work?


Breathe better

A dental sleep appliance brings your lower jaw forward during the night to pull your tongue more forward and away from your airway.

Some sleep apnea sufferers find their CPAP machines difficult to tolerate and difficult to travel with. CPAP may claim to be the gold standard of sleep treatments but it does not have the best record of compliance among users.


Comfortable and effective

The Dental Sleep Appliance is designed with an adjustable advancement for the lower jaw which enhances the effectiveness and makes the appliance both effective and comfortable.

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How a dental appliance is custom-built for you

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Home sleep test

An HST allows you to be sleep tested in the comfort and convenience of your own home, tucked into your own bed. Every HST in Alberta must be read by a sleep physician from Alberta. It is the sleep physician that diagnoses your sleep disturbance issue.


Digital impressions

Digital dental impressions give you a custom fitted Dental Sleep Appliance at the position that treats your sleep apnea.


Appliance delivery

Your snoring device or dental sleep appliance is fitted and instructions for its use is given. Then it is off for many great night sleeps.

After adjusting to your dental sleep appliance, we will test your sleep to make sure you are no longer suffering from Sleep Disturbance problems. This will be 3 months after the delivery of your appliance.


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Find out if a dental sleep appliance is the CPAP alternative for you

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Our dental sleep appliances are tailor-made for those looking for a CPAP machine alternative.

Find out if your sleep apnea is rated mild, moderate, or severe by contacting our downtown Calgary clinic for the necessary steps to completing a home sleep test and proper treatment. You may also start with a Sleep Disorder Test and we will reply to you with our recommendations.