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What is the most effective oral appliance for snoring and sleep apnea Calgary Downtown?

snoring sleep apnea calgary

Dr. Westersund: A custom-fitted sleep apnea or snoring appliance can help you to sleep better.

Sleep that does not allow you to breathe in a relaxed and full way can cause the release of stress hormones that can have far reaching health consequences. Weight gain, aging, fatigue, heart attacks and strokes are all at higher risk with sleep disturbance issues. A dental sleep appliance may be what you need to keep you healthier and live longer.

Dentalife provides effective sleep apnea treatment or snoring appliances in Calgary Downtown. Dr. Curtis Westersund, recommends the MicrO2 and Somnodent brands because of flexibility, customized fit, and durability.

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How Sleep Appliances work?

Breathe Better

To help you breathe better while you sleep, Dr. Curtis Westersund can design an oral appliance to put over your teeth to keep your airways open during the night. It helps to generate more space in the back of your throat.


No Obstructions

This new-found space in the back of your throat helps to reduce the collapsing and obstruction of your throat tissue. This is what causes snoring, reduced airflow and sleep apnea.


Comfortable and effective

The appliance is designed with an adjustable lower jaw advancement which enhances the effectiveness and can make the dental sleep appliance more effective and comfortable.


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Sleep Appliance Calgary

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Sleep Apnea can seriously compromise your health

  • Don’t let sleepless nights ruin your days
  • Avoid that lack of sleep can shorten your life
  • Stop feeling tired and energy-less
  • Don’t let sleep apnea ruin your social life
  • Avoid losing your job over sleep

Sleep better, feel better, live better

  • Regain control over your sleep, and your life
  • Find a dental solution that works
  • Say ‘Hello again!’ to family and friends
  • Refocus on what’s important in your life
  • Sleep … ah, that feels good!