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22 October 2021
Can your smile affect your confidence level?

Self-confidence can help to open doors—whether it’s in your personal or your professional life. Part of being successful may sometimes depend on our appearance. First impressions count, and you only get one chance to make one. Being confident in your appearance can help you focus on what’s important and keep you from being distracted. If you’re […]

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10 July 2021
What are dental crowns & bridges?

Your teeth are a sensitive part of your body. Corrective treatments such as our tooth repair treatments are needed when you experience serious issues with your teeth. Restorative and cosmetic dental treatments that are designed to be safe and comfortable. A crown is a sheath that covers your existing tooth. The crown can restore the […]

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24 May 2021
What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are porcelain restorations placed over a tooth structure to change how a tooth looks. The term dates back many decades in dentistry and draws its meaning from veneering wood or other structures with a thin coating. From a dental perspective, it is not an accurate term. In fact, a more accurate term would […]

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20 May 2021
Teeth Whitening Calgary Downtown

If you’re hiding your mouth because of stained and yellow teeth, you should consider professional Teeth Whitening Dentist Calgary services. For in-office teeth whitening, we combine whitening procedures to provide brightening of your teeth. To start, we whiten your teeth in-office with an activating light. You will then continue to whiten your teeth at home […]

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17 May 2021
What are the options for missing or broken teeth?

It happens often. You are liking the way your teeth are working and then a tooth cracks and breaks. What is wrong? What should you do? How important is a broken tooth anyway? Is your tongue ever going to quit playing with the fracture? Missing or broken teeth may cause more problems than just embarrassment […]

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17 May 2021
Why dental implants?

Nothing is as good as the teeth you were born with, but dental implants are a close alternative for when you lose one or more teeth. You may need dental implants if you lose tooth stability, have unhealthy roots, or lose supporting jaw bone around teeth. A dental implant is an artificial root (with an […]

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