TMJ Disorder (TMD) Care

The slightest imbalance in the way your teeth bite and function (also known as occlusion) during the day can result in headaches, dizziness, nausea, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain and premature wearing of your teeth. In many instances, it can contribute to poor body posture, decreased strength and flexibility.

While you sleep occlusion and proper jaw development can contribute to a compromised breathing airway that may cause sleep disturbance issues like snoring and sleep apnea and many more symptoms.

Dr. Westersund uses a neuromuscular or physiologic “alignment first” approach to treat TMJ Disorder. This means no surgery is required to relieve for your TMJ pain issues.

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

headaches & migraines Calgary

Headaches & Migraines

When your bite is out of alignment, the muscles surrounding your jaw, head and neck can be constantly strained. And you may not even be aware of it.

jaw pain Calgary

Jaw Pain, Jaw Clicking, Jaw Locking

When your jaw is misaligned and not properly supported by your occlusion, it can be limited in its range of motion, and cause head and neck pain.

ear pain Calgary

Ear Pain, Facial Pain, Eye Pain

Do you have a pain on the top of your head? Or do you have a sore jaw line or pain from your ear? It may be your head and neck alignment that is the cause.

neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain Calgary

Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain

Muscles work as a team. Strained jaw muscles, struggling to keep balance with a misaligned bite, can cause compensation from other muscles your neck, shoulder and back.

TMJ Therapy Intro

It is important to look at all of your body’s structural interactions to provide effective change and improvement to muscle strain and pain.

No part of the body works in isolation so a coordinated effort works best at finding solutions. We have a coordinated team who works at providing you effective therapy and treatment.

Our treatment goal  is to reduce structural stress and strain in the entire body in a coordinated protocol.

About TMJ Therapy at Dentalife
TMJ affects the body

TMJ Therapy Process

“Chronic Pain / TMD Dysfunction therapy requires time, patience, and care.”

We will discuss possible options to treat your TMJ Disorder (TMJD) after a thorough consultation. During the consultation, we may take a Cone Beam CAT Scan of your jaws, jaw joints, airway and neck to assist in any diagnosis or treatment options.


Functional Rebalance of Occlusion

A 1 hour appointment to improve the balance of your bite using a digital occlusion analysis system (called the T-scan) and micro-adjustments to begin to eliminate bite strain in clenching and chewing.


Diagnostic Testing

3 hour appointment to assess jaw and neck muscle activity, jaw movement, and joint function. Along with physiotherapy provided by Ultra Low Frequency T.E.N.S. a more healthy bite starting position can be determined.


Orthotic (TMJ Dental Appliance) Insertion

A 2 hour appointment that will balance your new orthotic to your bite. Includes 1 hour U.L.F. T.E.N.S. therapy and T-scan guided adjustments to a ‘Natural Fit’ dental orthotic.


Follow Up care

As your jaw structure begins heal and improve its function and balance, and as your posture improves, adjustments to your bite and/or your orthotic will be required to continue to provide balanced support.

Fees and Payment Plans

A question often asked at our downtown Calgary dental clinic: “Does my Insurance company pay for TMD care?”

Dental benefits are determined by your employer. Often dental benefit packages purposely exclude TMD/TMJ therapy coverage.

Our Treatment Coordinator will help you find the best solution for you and your therapy.

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Come in for a TMJ consultation

Image of Dr. Curtis Westersund, Calgary dentist. “My mission is not only to take care of your oral health but also to protect your overall health. I understand that the bones, joints, muscles, and nerves in the face and neck have a complex relationship. They work to correct the bite, relieving strain on the jaw and the surrounding muscles. Once the bite has been aligned, pain from TMJ Disorder issues may be eliminated.

The treatment may take some time and may include a number of different options to reduce or eliminate TMJD pain.”

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