Restoring Your Smile

Restoring Your Smile
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Do you think your face is aging? It may not be just because you’re getting older; it could be because of your smile. A very visible sign of aging is a changing smile.

Typically, your front and back teeth may break down or suffer from wear and tear as the years pass by. It’s not just your smile, but how your face appears because of the worn teeth.

As your teeth wear and age, the space between your lower and upper jaw can narrow. As a result, the lower third of your face becomes shorter, like your chin is moving closer to your nose.


Here is a project for you. An ideally proportioned face can be divided into 1/3rds. Measure your face as follows:

  • From your hairline to the space between your eyes where the nasal bone starts. If you have a receded hairline then use the spot where the hair “use to be”
  • You can find that spot easily as the skin is slightly different when moving from the forehead to the scalp)
  • From the start of the bone that is at the top of your nose to the base of the nose, where the lip starts and the nose ends
  • From the base of the nose to the middle of the chin bone. You have to press harder with your finger to find the actual chin bone

There is a mathematical formula for the shape of the face that has been shown to present the most “pleasing” facial form. It is called the “Golden Proportion Mask”. This mask is used to divided the face in this manner.

Do the numbers come close? Slide your teeth till they touch tip to tip. Now measure your face. Are the numbers closer?Often they are more balanced when the lower jaw has moved forward.

Now look at the people you meet during the day. Are their faces balanced and properly proportioned? You can still be attractive and beautiful with unbalanced facial structure. After all it is just one aspect of beauty.

But it is a consideration when you want to make facial changes. Plastic Surgeons may be able to tighten your face and even add a bigger chin button but they cannot balance the proportion of your facial thirds. Only dentists can do that.

Some of the signs of aging

  • Your lips changing shape
  • Jowls appearing on the side of your lower jaw
  • A deep crease forming between your chin and lower lip
  • The skin of your lower face becoming creased


How to get straight teeth without orthodontics

Cosmetic dental treatments (what some people refer to as smile rejuvenation) may reduce the signs of aging AND give you the appearance of straighter teeth. Cosmetic dental treatment options may assist in restoring your smile and may provide more proportion to your face.

Having a whiter smile and straight teeth could also add to a more youthful appearance and a healthier looking one. Repairing broken and chipped teeth can also help to prevent oral health problems such as gum disease or periodontal disease.

When looking for a better smile (a popular search engine term is “smile rejuvenation” or “non-surgical process”), cosmetic dental treatments are a balance-and-function process that involves:

  • Determining the cause of your smile problem
  • Measuring the jaw form and muscle activity to help determine a more aesthetic look
  • Discussing the use of dental treatment options to refine your bite

Take a look at the photos of before and after smile restorations to see what we mean.

Would you want to look younger if you could?

If you’ve been wanting a better smile and are concerned that your smile  may be adding years to your face, talk to your dentist or dental team about cosmetic dental treatment options.

Contact Dr. Westersund’s office for more information.

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