Implant Dentures: Why You Need to Invest in Your Health

why implant dentures
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Not all false teeth are created equal. Your choice of dental appliance needs reevaluating if you are experiencing discomfort, slippage, or pain when wearing your dentures. If you are living with economy dentures in Calgary, we are here for consultation. 

Tooth loss is not fun to think about, but you need to know that modern techniques can keep your lifestyle from deteriorating. How you replace your teeth can be a long term and life-changing decision.  

Conventional dentures can seem like the standard solution, if only because they’ve been around for longer. But it’s no longer the first option for a growing number of dentists. Implant-supported dentures are gaining popularity, and with the benefits they offer, it’s not hard to see why.

Are Traditional Dentures Really More Economical?

People assume traditional dentures are easier to maintain and more economical because they’re more affordable. This technique is indeed less invasive, but costs can pile up over time. 

is it time to replace your dentures

Conventional dentures do not stimulate or encourage jawbone growth. Your mouth shape will slowly change as the bone shrinks. It is a given that dentures need to be replaced every few years to accommodate this shrinkage, but they may also need replacement due to warping. 

Frequent dentist appointments may be necessary to change denture linings or to have dentures adjusted in between replacements to address minor discomforts and gum soreness. Traditional dentures may also need dental adhesive to hold them in place. Your dentist may recommend a dental soaking solution to submerge the dentures at night.

Wearing traditional dentures may also inadvertently lead to poor health conditions that you will need to address eventually. The dental appliance can cover much of your palate and your gums, which leads to a diminished ability to taste and enjoy food. In conjunction with the usual restricted diet that comes with conventional dentures, you may find yourself eatin less than what your body needs.

What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures require titanium posts to be surgically fixed to your jaw. Over time, the implants fuse with the bone. These posts are used to anchor your dentures.

It sounds daunting, but this method allows the dentures to sit on the implants, instead of resting on and possibly irritating your gums. With Dentalife in Calgary, dentures supported by implants may vary in how they are connected. 

You can choose a near-permanent situation, meaning you won’t be able to remove them, and full denture cleaning and maintenance happens only during dental appointments. Some implant dentures use a snap-type attachment system, which allows you to take them out and clean them by yourself. 

Long term health advantages are what this technique offers. Here’s what you can expect from your implant supported dentures:

  • Eat Whatever You Want: No dietary restrictions and no loss of taste, as long as you are vigilant when it comes to dental hygiene.
  • Treat Dentures Like Natural Teeth: With some exceptions, you may take care of them with regular brushing and flossing.
  • Experience Less Gum Irritation: Because your dentures won’t be consistently rubbing against your gums, sore spots will lessen or flatten out and be nonexistent.
  • Look Younger and Healthier: More precise placement of prosthetic teeth and bone growth due to bonding with your implants can help avoid huge changes to your face and smile. You’re far less likely to suffer from the disproportionate, sunken look associated with decades-long wearers of dentures. 
benefits of implant dentures

As implant supported dentures are not prone to slipping or moving about, you may also see an improvement in self-esteem and confidence.

Ready to Invest in Your Dental Health?   

Traditional dentures seem like an attractive choice based on cost, but many dental professionals will agree that implant supported dentures are a wise long term investment.

Looking to implant supported dentures in Calgary? Call Dentalife today to find out if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure.

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