TMJ Orthotic Delivery & Insertion

2 of 2 Natural Fit Orthotic Appointments

Duration: approximately 1.5 – 2 hours

Your Natural Fit Orthotic, also known as your TMJ dental appliance, will be fitted and balanced to your mouth and your bite to begin your therapeutic stage of treatment.

What’s involved?

TMJ Orthotic Try-in

TMJ Orthotic Try-in

Your Natural Fit Orthotic will be tried in and adjusted for fit and comfort.

Muscle Relaxation Therapy

Muscle Relaxation Therapy

Observe existing jaw activity and find improved jaw functions.

T-scan Biometric Testing

T-scan Biometric Testing

An ultra sensitive sensor wafer is placed between your orthotic and your upper teeth. When you bite, the timing, force and position of your bite is captured. This allows for the most accurate adjustment of the orthotic to your function as your bite and chew. This is key to your healing.¹

Your Orthotic Delivery & Insertion consists of

“Your TMJ dental orthotic will begin your healing process.”Dr. Curtis Westersund

During the insertion appointment we will first try-in the orthotic, then relax jaw and neck muscles with ultra low frequency T.E.N.S.

Finally we adjust your orthotic to both your bite and your functional movements. The T-scan is a Biometric tool used for determining bite timing, force and location. This allows us to further promote your healing. It may take several weeks or months to gain your maximum healing.

There may be further appointments to further adjust the orthotic for when you heal your bite will change.

lower orthotic TMJ treatment - unworn
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    Orthotic Fitting

    Dental orthotic try in and adjustment to it provide the most comfortable fit.

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    Relaxation Therapy

    45 – 60 minutes of pulsing therapy for restore balance to jaw and neck muscles.

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    Biometric Balance

    Using T-scan and TENS the orthotic will be adjusted to your bite and function.

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    Follow-Up Care

    As you heal you will require further orthotic adjustments. Future fittings will be discussed.

Orthotic Delivery & Insertion FAQ’s

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    Chiropractic alignment first?

    We will discuss with you the need for checking alignment with the NUCCA Chiropractor prior to the insertion appointment.

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    What to wear?

    Choose comfortable clothes as you will be sitting during your appointment. Bring your work or computer for you will have 45 – 60 minutes to rest with our T.E.N.S. therapy pulsing jaw and neck muscles. No phone calls during your physiotherapy though.

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    Can I wear make-up?

    If you can, do not wear makeup for your appointment. If you have to wear makeup please bring any replacement makeup you will need after your appointment. We will be cleaning your skin so that our muscle monitoring gel pads and our physiotherapy gel pads have a clean contact with your skin.

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    Do I need to be clean shaven?

    We need clean and shaved skin for the contact of our gel pads. If you have large sideburns, a beard, or your just didn’t shave that day, we will need to trim for our testing. We do have an electric shaver available if you forget.

Phase 2 of Your TMJ Therapy

After you reach maximum improvement, the second phase of treatment will be discussed. These include:

  1. Long term orthotic wear: Many patients choose to wear the orthotic long term. It will have to be replaced every 3 – 6 years as it wears down. There is a fee for each replacement
  2. Orthodontic Therapy: Directed Orthodontic (braces) Therapy to move the teeth to the position determined by the Natural Fit orthotic.
  3. Reconstruction of your teeth: Rebuilding teeth to mimic the orthotic is the fastest way to provide the same bite position as your orthotic.

Every one’s treatment profile will vary. For more information, please discuss questions with our Treatment Coordinator.

1.Kerstein, R. B., Thumati, P., & Padmaja, S. (2013). Force Finishing and Centering to Balance a Removable Complete Denture Prosthesis Using the T-Scan III Computerized Occlusal Analysis System. The Journal of the Indian Prosthodontic Society, 13(3), 184–188.