Sleep Apnea Calgary Treatments

We all need oxygen to live. While it’s common sense, we may not be fully aware how irregular breathing affects our bodies and our sleep.

Because sleep apnea is only present when you sleep, many people are unaware they suffer from it. Often it’s a bed partner or a family member that’s the first one to notice it.

Learn about our sleep apnea Calgary treatments and how you can finally have restful sleep.

Gasping during sleep

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    What is sleep apnea?

    Sleep apnea is a condition where one experiences pauses or shallow breaths while sleeping. These pauses can last anywhere from a few seconds to more than a minute. During a one-hour time frame, your breathing can stop 5 to 30 or more times. It can start up again with a loud snort or a choking sound.

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    Lack of oxygen during sleep

    As you sleep your jaw relaxes and drops back. Your tongue falls back to blocking your airway. Carbon Dioxide builds up and eventually makes you gasp for a breath.

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    Sleep and Your Heart

    When your airflow is reduced and your breathing is strained, it can put undue stress and strain on your heart. Lack of oxygen can lead to an increase in blood pressure. This can potentially result in strokes, heart attacks and may make pre-existing heart conditions even worse.

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    Sleep and Your Body

    Cardiovascular disease, strokes, and heart attacks have been linked to impaired sleep, while chronic sleep loss can restrict your body’s ability to perform metabolic functions, such as regulating your hormones.

Sleep Apnea Treatments Custom-Built For You

The Dental Sleep Appliance brings and holds your lower jaw forward during the night to help pull your tongue away from your airway. This can help ensure your airways remain open while you sleep which can allow you to breath without any obstructions.

MicrO2 Dental Sleep Appliance

Somnodent Dental Sleep Appliance

Sleep Apnea Treatment Process

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    Home Sleep Test

    A sleep test that’s done at the comfort of your own home. You wear sensors on your body as you sleep. Your sleep pattern is recorded and analyzed by a Sleep Physician. She will then determine if a Dental Sleep Appliance is a healthy course of treatment for you.

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    Theragnositic Test

    This will show if a Dental Sleep Appliance can be effective for you. Much like your HST except you wear a dental sensor system on your teeth as you sleep.

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    Digital Impressions

    The most accurate way to have dental impressions is digitally. Using information from the Theragnositic test, we image your teeth in the perfect relationship for a good nights sleep.

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    Appliance Delivery

    Your Dental Sleep Appliance is fitted and instructions for its use is given. Then it is off for many great night sleeps.

After getting comfortable with your Dental Sleep Appliance, we will test your sleep to make sure you are no longer suffering from sleep disturbance problems. This will be 3 months after the delivery of your appliance

Nothing’s better than a restful night of sleep

A good nights sleep is vital to your health. A sleep that does not allow you to breathe in a relaxed and full way causes the release of stress hormones that has far reaching health consequences.

Anyone who thinks they might have sleep apnea or are excessive snorers in Calgary should contact our downtown Calgary clinic for the necessary steps to completing a Home Sleep Test and obtaining proper treatment. You may also start with a Sleep Disorder Test and we will reply to you with our recommendations.