Take Control of Your Oral Health With Facial Rejuvenation Dentures in Calgary

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Dentures can restore your oral health, rebuild self-confidence, reduce difficulties eating, and so much more. While having dentures can be an overall positive experience, patients with ill-fitting dentures may experience pain, trouble speaking or eating, and mouth sores.

If you’re interested in getting dentures in Calgary, or if you’re unhappy with your current dentures, it is important to review your options. Dr. Westersund’s Facial Rejuvenation Dentures can improve your oral health, quality of life, and help you look and feel great.

If your current dentures are driving you up the wall with discomfort, then be assured you have options in Calgary that can help.

Are Your Dentures Ill-Fitted? Your Downtown Dental Clinic in Calgary Can Help

When fitting patients with dentures in Calgary, Dr. Westersund uses a neuromuscular approach. This method can improve how well your dentures fit by taking your teeth, muscles, joints, and nerves into consideration. Dentures that are designed only considering your teeth are more likely to be ill-fitting.

Ill-fitting dentures can be downright painful and detrimental to your health. Your dentures may not fit properly if you are experiencing:

  • Difficulty speaking and eating
  • Mouth and gum irritation, pain, or sores
  • Dentures that are slipping, clicking, or otherwise moving in your mouth
  • Mouth infections
  • Jaw pain or stiffness, which may indicate the presence of TMJ disorder

Dentures can also become more uncomfortable over time as your gums and bone structure may change as you age. Should this happen, it’s important to visit your downtown dentist, Dr. Westersund, in Calgary to have your dentures replaced, modified, or adjusted. We advise that you do not attempt to adjust your dentures on your own.

A Closer Look at Rejuvenation Dentures in Calgary

Dr. Westersund’s Facial Rejuvenation Dentures can be an effective solution if you’re in need of new dentures. These dentures are designed to keep your jaw joints in the proper alignment, which can prevent the development of conditions such as TMJ disorder. Facial Rejuvenation Dentures have the added benefit of providing an all-natural facelift if you have experienced any bone loss after long-time use of wearing other forms of dentures.


When visiting our clinic in Calgary, Dr. Westersund will measure your mouth at different points of rest and stimulation. Your measurements are taken while your mouth is relaxed to ensure that your dentures remain comfortable when your jaw is neutral.

Measurements are taken while your jaw and facial muscles are stimulated to prevent your dentures from slipping or dislodging when chewing or speaking. Both of these help ensure your dentures are comfortable, no matter what you’re doing.

Visit a Denture Clinic in Calgary to Review Your Options

Do you need services related to dentures in Calgary? Visit your downtown dental clinic in Calgary to review your options for Facial Rejuvenation Dentures and other dental solutions.

At Dentalife, it’s our mission to help empower our patients and give them back control of their health. We strive to review each patient’s individual case and discuss any wants, needs, or concerns that they might have.

When visiting our office, you can expect to be informed of all of your treatment options. We firmly believe that any decision made about your oral health should be your decision. We’ll work within your budget to meet any oral health goals that you may have.

Are you searching for a denture clinic in Calgary? Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about the services we offer.




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