Dentures in Calgary: Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Dentures  

is it time to replace your dentures
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Getting a new pair of dentures is exciting!

They fit great, they look wonderful, and they make chewing and speaking so much easier.

There comes a time, though, when even the best-fitting dentures start to break down, which means it’s time to invest in a new set.

How do you know when it’s time for a new set of Calgary dentures, and how can you make sure your dentures last as long as possible?

3 Signs It’s Time to Trade Your Calgary Dentures in for a New Set

When you first get a pair of Calgary dentures, you might notice that they’re a bit tight and cause some gum soreness. This is normal, and with a few adjustments, your dentures will fit just right.

Over time, you’ll notice three signs it’s time to replace dentures.

1. Your Dentures Are Loose

If you have traditional dentures, you’ll start to notice a change in the way they fit. They become loose and begin to move around in your mouth, which can lead to:

  • Jaw discomfort
  • Mouth sores
  • Embarrassment.

The cause of loose dentures is shrinking jawbones. Your teeth act as anchors, keeping the jawbones thick and strong. Once the teeth are gone, the jawbones start to recede or shrink.

Shrinkage is a good reason to invest in implant dentures. The implants replace your teeth, thereby keeping the jawbones healthy and strong. With implant supported dentures, you don’t have to worry about loose-fitting dentures.

2. Wearing Your Dentures Is Painful

When dentures are ill-fitting, they rub the gum tissue raw in certain areas. Those areas then become sore and sensitive. You’ll notice it hurts to wear your dentures, especially when you try to eat something.

3. Your Dentures Are Damaged

Taking care of your Calgary dentures is extremely important. Not properly caring for your dentures can lead to damage, as well as oral bacterial and fungal infections.

Take your dentures out each night and clean them with a denture brush and liquid soap. Avoid using toothpaste as it is too abrasive.

If the dentures dry out, they can become brittle and easily break. Therefore, it’s vital to their longevity that they’re kept in water or a cleaning solution whenever you’re not wearing them.

Unfortunately, even with the best care, dentures can break down. It’s like everything in life – natural wear and tear causes breakdown. You might notice that your dentures break, crack, become discolored, or teeth fall out. This is one of the clear signs it’s time to replace the dentures.

You Shouldn’t Simply “Put Up” with Ill-Fitting Dentures

A lot of people think they should endure ill-fitting dentures for various reasons; one primary reason being the cost.

It’s true that implant supported dentures are an investment of both time and money. However, they’re worth it for two major reasons.

First, they provide a great fit. You don’t have to worry about embarrassing moments when your dentures slip while you’re speaking or eating around others. Good fitting dentures are also way more comfortable!

Second, getting implant dentures in Calgary is a good way to stay healthy. When your jawbones are strong, and your dentures fit correctly, you’re able to chew more easily and thoroughly. Chewing is the first stage of the digestive process, so the more thoroughly you can chew your food, the better it will be digested.

Additionally, when it’s easy to chew your foods, you’re more likely to choose healthier options, like crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Talk to Your Calgary Dentist About Getting a Denture Upgrade

Is it time to get a new set of Calgary dentures? Talk to your dentist about all your options. They’ll let you know if you’re a good candidate for implant dentures. They’ll also show you how to get the most longevity out of every set of dentures you own.

Are you tired of dealing with ill-fitting dentures? Contact us today to schedule an evaluation. We’ll help you find a solution that is best for you!

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