How Better Dentures Help You Enjoy Your Holidays

How Better Dentures Help You Enjoy Your Holidays
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If you haven’t been taking proper care of your oral hygiene you may need – or you already have – a set of partial or complete dentures. While dentists and denturists fit many patients with dentures in Calgary, if they aren’t fitted properly, they can cause a significant decline in overall quality of life. That’s something nobody wants to deal with during the holiday season.

Dentures Play a Significant Role in How You Enjoy Your Holiday Get-Togethers 

The holidays are a time for celebrating your friends and loved ones, not for worrying about your dentures. Whether they are economy or implant dentures, you want to make sure you’ve had them properly fitted, installed (for implants), and maintained so that you can go about your busy holiday season. 

Those with dentures in Calgary should know that properly maintaining their dentures is vital year-round, but here are a few reasons why you want to keep them maintained for your holiday celebrations.

1. Properly Fitted and Maintained Dentures Allow You to Enjoy Your Food

One of the biggest struggles with those who wear dentures in Calgary and around the world have is the enjoyment of food. If your family is like most, then the holiday season is full of family dinners and plenty of holiday treats. Having properly fitted and maintained dentures will allow you to enjoy each seasonal feast and treats with little issues. 

If you don’t have properly fitted dentures, then you run the risk of them moving around in your mouth, food getting lodged underneath them, and giving bacteria a home to flourish. That means if you have partials or economy dentures, you’ll want to make sure they fit nice and snug and clean them as instructed to minimize any risk of abrasions or bacteria growth. 

2. They Won’t Keep Your Voice from Being Heard

Don’t be left out of conversations during your next holiday get together! Unfortunately, many people who have economy or partial dentures feel as if they can’t speak because they’re self-conscious of their dentures, or if they are ill-fitting they might fear them falling out as they speak. 

This can be 100% avoided by getting your dentures refitted or by considering other more secure denture alternatives, such as implant dentures. These dentures are more permanent fixtures because they snap onto an anchor that is implanted into your jawbone. This ensures they go nowhere, leaving you to smile, laugh, and chat as you please. 

3. Your Teeth Won’t Make You Uncomfortable

Ill-fitting dentures can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, but can also cause major discomfort throughout your body.

Economy dentures are often considered the less-preferred option because they sit on top of your gums, an area that is very sensitive and prone to scrapes and abrasions. When not properly treated, these can become infected, which affects your entire body. That’s not the way you want to spend your holiday season.

Get Fitted for Facial Rejuvenation Dentures in Calgary With Dr. Westersund

Implant supported dentures come highly recommended by denturists and dentists because they are a more permanent fixture and provide you with more comfort in the long run.

Dr.  Westersund takes several sets of measurements to ensure the dentures are well-fitting and properly functioning. From there, you’ll undergo surgery to have the denture anchors implanted into your jawbone before your final set of dentures are snapped into place. 

Are you a good candidate for implant dentures in Calgary? Contact us today by calling 403-262-9898 or use our online scheduler to set up a consultation to learn more.

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