Calgary Emergency Dentist: Treating Toothaches

Man in need of a downtown Calgary emergency dentist.There’s nothing quite like a toothache to mess up your day. Thankfully, a Calgary emergency dentist, like Dr. Westersund, can quickly diagnose what’s causing the pain. Tooth Pain Calgary Dentist Dr. Westersund is dedicated to give the patient relief from toothaches.  After treatment, it will just be a matter of time before you’re back to feeling like your old self.

A toothache doesn’t always mean you have a cavity

During your emergency visit, you may ask us: “Why am I having a toothache? Is it a cavity?” Contrary to popular belief, decay is but one of the issues that contribute to dental pain.

Others include:

  • Sensitivity: Patients may experience sensitivity to sugary or acidic foods, as well as hot and cold temperatures, because their enamel is very thin.
  • Wear and Tear: It may have worn down over time, or it could be that they have consumed food or drink that can thin the enamel. In some cases, the enamel wear could be related to the eating disorder bulimia.
  • A Chipped or Broken Tooth: When a tooth chips or breaks it exposes the secondary layer of the tooth, called the dentin, or even the root. In such cases, pain can range from occasional sensitivity to a massive toothache.
  • Periodontal Disease: Sometimes, an ache is caused by the gum tissue surrounding the tooth. Some patients come in with sore gums caused by a popcorn kernel. Others are dealing with an infection caused by gum disease.

Why you need to see a Calgary Dentist right away

It is imperative that patients see us right away for a toothache. Failing to get a diagnosis could lead to increased chances for infection. On the other hand,  unit has enough experience to deal with this problem. A Calgary Dental Pain infection left unattended results in further damage.

Having a chronic infection could lead to reduced immune health. Some people have even had to be admitted to the emergency room because the infection was affecting other organs, including the brain. Another reason to see us right away is because dealing with constant pain is no way to live life. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and the inability to handle stress. We encourage individuals having tooth pain to visit a Toothache Dentist Calgary to get treatment.

We are a walk-in and direct billing dentist office

We don’t think anyone should have to deal with this. That is why we are a walk in dental clinic and a direct billing dentist office. Dr. Westersund is a sedation dentist and will help to quickly reduce pain and anxiety.

If you’re experiencing a toothache, please call us at 403 262-9898 right away.We want to get you out of pain and help you feel comfortable again—physically, mentally, and emotionally.