Sedation Dentistry Calgary: “I am anxious about my dental treatments.”

Afraid of the dentist? You have something in common with 145 million North Americans and many of our patients. If you have been afraid of going to the dentist, dental sedation treatments can be an option. Downtown Calgary Sedation Dentistry can the best option that you are looking for. It’s important to maintain a healthy smile, gums and teeth. Sedation dentistry can help relieve those fears so you can maintain good oral health. Your oral health is an important component to your overall mental and physical well-being.

Sleep through your treatment -Dentalife offers sedation dentistry Calgary options

About Oral Conscious Sedation

Thanks to oral conscious sedation, dental anxiety can be conquered. Now, you don’t have to let your fears prevent you from having the best smile you can have. Dr. Westersund in Calgary can help you overcome your fears of the dentist with oral conscious sedation.

The end of cancelling dental appointments and the start of maintaining your smile and healthy gums and teeth. Visit a Sedation Dentist Downtown Calgary, the oral conscious sedation can help relieve those fears.

At your treatment appointment: Preparation

  • At your dental appointment, you will take a single dose of medication in tablet form, a mild sedative that will help relieve your dental anxiety during your appointment.
  • You cannot drive home, so arrange for a companion bring you to your appointment and to take you home after your appointment.
  • Treatment only begins once you are relaxed.
  • One of our friendly assistants will be with you at all times. Your pulse, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels will be monitored constantly.

After your treatment appointment: Follow-up

  • Your companion will escort you from the office
  • You will need to take the rest of the day off from work
  • You will have little or no memory of your appointment
  • Use caution and ask for assistance when needed, since diminished balance may affect your abilities (e.g., with stairs).


Find out if dental sedation is right for you

Your oral health is essential to your overall well-being. Bad oral health is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke and other health problems. Missing or chipped teeth, or stained and dingy ones can mean you look older than you, or can lead to sore muscles from the strain of trying to bite properly. Don’t let fear of the dentist hold you back. A Calgary iv sedation dentisty can ensure you corrective or preventive dental procedures.

At Dentalife, we want to make your dental visit as comfortable and safe for you as possible. If you have any questions regarding dental sedation techniques, call us at 403 262-9898 or contact us today.