Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Calgary: Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

One of the common search terms related to cosmetic dental treatments in Calgary and when one’s looking to restore their smile is “non-surgical face lift”. There is no such dental process.

While dentists do not offer non-surgical facelift treatments or non-surgical facelifts, we do offer cosmetic dental treatments that can help to restore your smile. Through orthodontic treatments, restorative treatments, removable overlay restoration and other cosmetic dental treatments, the look of your face can be changed at the dental office.

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Looking for a simple way to restore a worn smile?

If you have a deep overbite or a short lower a third of your face, there are dental treatment options that can change the way your face looks. For some people, tooth wear can eventually change the way your lower jaw rests against your upper jaw. This can age your facial appearance.

Time may heal all wounds, but it tends to make a lousy beautician. Teeth, like shoes, clothes or your car will eventually wear out.

And time takes its toll on your face. Take a good look at your smile. It may also becoming worn. Every day wear and tear can chip, crack and reduce the size of your teeth, and your chin slowly starts to move closer to your nose. Perhaps not the look you are seeking.

What some people refer to as a Non-Surgical Facelift or Smile Rejuvenation, and what we dentists call cosmetic dental treatments, may restore and repair a worn smile, and return your teeth to close to their natural size. This type of cosmetic dental procedure can help us fix both cosmetic and functional concerns.

A better smile is possible by realigning and restoring your smile with cosmetic dental treatments.

Before and After

Before and after cosmetic dentistry Calgary services.


As your teeth wear and age, the space between your lower and upper jaw closes, and your chin moves up closer to your nose. As a result the lower third of your face becomes compressed.

You will see

  • Your lips changing shape
  • Jowls appearing on the side of your lower jaw
  • A deep crease forming between your chin and lower lip
  • The skin of your lower face caving in and causing deep creases

Cosmetic dental treatments may be the answer

Plastic surgeons can provide Facelifts, add chin buttons, pump up lips with collagen and other skin stretching procedures. None of those procedures actually change the distance between your chin and nose. Overclosed bite relationships have a dramatic affect on your appearance that no Plastic Surgery can correct.

For some people, the problem may be more than a cosmetic concern. If teeth are worn or missing, this may also cause functional issues. For some people, this may result in pain and/or functional issues. Dr. Westersund will do a thorough exam and history to diagnose any cosmetic, oral health or functional issues with your bite.

Dentist can use a variety of cosmetic and other dental procedures to help restore your smile and possibly give your face a more full and balanced appearance, with an improved function in the process.

Dr. Curtis Westersund for Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Calgary

If you wish to learn more about determining the cause of your smile problem or discovering what is the best course of treatment for you contact our office for a consultation.

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