Calgary Options to Replace Missing Teeth

Calgary Options to Replace Missing Teeth
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3 Calgary options to replace missing teeth

If you lost a tooth or have been told that one or more of your teeth needs to be extracted, you have several options to replace missing teeth. Whether you choose dental implants, dentures or a dental bridge can depend on how many teeth need to replaced, where they are located in your mouth, and other factors that you can discuss with your Calgary dentist. Starting with some basic information about the three types of tooth replacements can help you to have an informed consultation with your dentist.

Dentures can replace a number of missing teeth

A single denture can replace one tooth, a partial denture can replace several teeth and full dentures can replace all the teeth in your mouth. Full dentures are usually held in place by denture adhesive, though some denture wearers are able to wear their dentures without adhesive. Partial dentures can replace teeth that are spaced apart, and they are often held in the mouth by wires that connect to other teeth. Dentures are the simplest and least expensive way to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants replace your missing tooth’s root

A dental implant is a permanent artificial tooth. A single tooth can be replaced by an implant, or you can get implants to replace all of your teeth. An implant is made of titanium and implanted into your jaw through your gums. An artificial tooth, called a crown, is attached to the top of the post, and when healing is complete, the new tooth is permanent. The process of getting implants can take several months because healing time is necessary between each step.

Not everyone is a candidate for implants; bone loss in the mouth or health issues may make it unlikely that implants would be successful. Implants are a costlier way to replace missing teeth than other methods, but they result in durable replacement teeth that look almost the same as natural teeth.

Bridging the gap with a dental bridge

When you have a missing tooth with natural teeth on either side of it, a dental bridge can replace the missing tooth without the need for a removable denture. A bridge contains an artificial tooth that has partial crowns on either side. The surfaces of the two natural teeth on either side of the gap are prepared to be capped, and then the crowns are attached to them. The artificial tooth in the middle replaces the missing tooth, and the bridge is cemented into place.

Making the decision

When deciding on how to replace missing teeth, you will have to consider the cost, the time involved, your health and what you want your lifestyle to be when you have your new teeth. You can book a consultation to discuss tooth replacement options with the dentist. Together you can decide on which method is right for you.

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